Mementomorium Project

@ unSCruz, May 2nd–5th, 2019

Over 120 people dared to experience Sensory Deprivation Caskets at unSCruz, annual regional event near Santa Cruz, CA that took place over the first weekend of May, 2019. The visitors' age varied from teenagers and their parents to people in their seventies. When "resurrected" after the ten minute session in the dark, sound-insulated, and 12-inch-memory-foam-cushioned casket, many were in a state of quiet contemplation. And when they spoke, the most common word was: "wow".

Was it worth the effort to build the installation? At times it did feel like a special forces kind of operation, with too much work squeezed into too little time for such a small team. And as with any proof-of-concept there is always room for improvements, of course. Yet, when someone hugs you and thanks you with tears in their eyes or barely holding them in, you know that something genuinely good just happened. Amazingly, we experienced more of these magical moments than we had hoped for. And that is the sweetest reward of them all!

Thank you unSCruz! Thank you everyone who visited us — please share a REVIEW of your experience to help others learn about Mementomorium Project.

And a very special thank you to each of you who volunteered and helped us along the way to make it happen!!!

~The Mementomorium Team

Mementomorium is supported in part by a grant from unSCruz

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